about Delta Wagyu

Mirannie Station

Delta Wagyu is a family owned and operated business based in the foothills of the Barrington Tops, North of Singleton. We have our own commercial herd and have been breeding stud cattle for long enough to understand the needs and desires of our partners and clients. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your business and hope that we have the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.

With 97 years of experience in developing genetic improvements, the Delta Wagyu team have exhibited scores of prize-winning bulls, sold cattle internationally and judged shows across the country. As such Delta Wagyu are ideally positioned to develop the highest profitibility animals for markets and geography worldwide.

With 116 years of operational expertise in the Australian beef landscape, 97 years of registered stud genetics, and a history steeped in finance, the Binnie reputation is earned off the back of hard work, honesty and a no-nonsense approach to business dealings.