Bar R-AB 4504 - JJRPK4504

Purchased from the joint venture between Agribeef & Bar R Cattle Company by Delta Wagyu in 2016.

4504 is the first Tajima Red Polled bull produced by leading US Stud Bar R Cattle Company.

4504 was a top selling Bull at the Bar R production sale and can be traced back 11 generations of breeding on legs of the pedigree & includes the four bulls imported in the mid 1970’s.

4504 is HP Polled & is being used extensively by Agribeef in the USA.

4505 throws calves that are red in colour but have all of the high marbling carcass traits of the best black wagyu genetics

4504 is well suited to any akaushi herd that is looking for genetic diversity whilst maintaining their full blood status & their homozygous red status.

Semen is available in :

  • Australia
  • USA 


  1. Prices are in bundles & discounts have been applied for bulk purchases down to as low as USD $5.40 per straw
  2. Our representative will be in touch to provide a separate quote for shipping.
  3. All shipments include insurance provided by Delte Wagyu International. 
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