Delta Elevate - DELFN0095

Delta elevate is a high growth & marbling Sire & the ultimate all rounder to suit any breeding program.

If you are an F1 producer or a full-blood producer, Delta Elevate is the bull which will lift your carcass weight & marbling statistics.

Some key highlights for Delta Elevate are:

  • #1 SRI for all 2017 Drop Calves in Australia
  • Selected as a lead Sire in the NSW Department of Primary Industries Multi-breed EBV Development Project
  • Top 1% of the breed for Marble Fineness
  • Top 1% of breed for Marble Score
  • Top 1% of breed for SRI
  • Top 1% of breed for FTI
  • Top 1% of the breed for F1T1

Semen is available in :

  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Brazil
  • USA
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia


  1. Prices are in bundles & discounts have been applied for bulk purchases down to as low as USD $5.40 per straw
  2. Our representative will be in touch to provide a separate quote for shipping.
  3. All shipments include insurance provided by Delte Wagyu International. 
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