Sumo Cattle Co Shikikan N211 - SMOFN0211

Shikikan 211 has rare & highly sought after genetics.

The Shikikan line is represented in the female side of many of the top bulls in the breed.

Whilst the Shikikan line in known for smaller carcasses & growth traits, Shikikan 211 outperforms on all growth cahracteristics & carcass weights without losing the outstanding marbling caracteristics the line is known for.

Shikikan 211 Highlights:

  • F11 free, B3 free, CHS free
  • Top 1% of the breed for Marble Fineness
  • Top 1% of the breed for Marble Score
  • Top 10% of the breed for Milk, Carcase Weight & Growth
  • Top 2% of the breed for SRI, FTI & F1T1
  • Extremely rare & highly sought after Shikikan Genetics

Semen is available in :

  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Brazil
  • USA
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • European Union


  1. Prices are in bundles & discounts have been applied for bulk purchases down to as low as USD $5.40 per straw
  2. Our representative will be in touch to provide a separate quote for shipping.
  3. All shipments include insurance provided by Delte Wagyu International. 
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